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Money is a Motivator

Money is definitely important in one’s life–to a large extent. But for it to be truly meaningful, it shouldn’t come at the cost of happiness, family life and personal values. For me, money is a motivator; it is the means by which I can provide my family a more-than-basic lifestyle. It’s the way I can give my family the best education, the means to travel all over the world, leading to exposure to several different cultures. That, I feel, is truly important.

As a banker, I do most of my financial planning myself. Savings and long-term financial planning are absolutely critical. We’re all taught from a young age that every small bit adds up. Unfortunately, we often forget the power of compounding over long periods of time.

It’s important to save enough money for future security, but it is equally important to spend enough money to enjoy the present. To draw a balance is the challenge.

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