You need to have a good credit score, regular repayment history and, show an increase in your income over time.

There is no liability on you once you report the loss of the card.  

Use credit card well and you will have a good credit score, abuse it and you may find yourself black marked. 

Reverse mortgage is like a loan, the difference being that you get paid for handing over the rights of your house to a buyer after a pre-defined time period.

Here are some of the other charges of credit cards you should be aware of.

The APR is generally the annual cost of a loan to a borrower, including fees.

EMI on credit cards works like a loan—you pay the principal and interest each month.

The answer lies in understanding what your ‘disposable surplus’ is.

CIBIL calculates an individual’s credit score through advanced analytics and assigns a number between 300 and 900.

When zeroing in on a credit card, ask yourself what will you be using the card for?

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