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It’s Everything Or Nothing

Cryptocurrencies are no longer illegal in India but they’re still out of the regulatory ambit. Extreme volatility and lack of government support make it a tightrope walk for investors

Cryptocurrency, Things to Keep in Mind While Investing

Four things to know before you invest in cryptocurrencies

‘Millions Waiting To Enter Crypto Space’

WazirX is India’s fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange and is a part of Binance ecosystem, a Cayman Islands-based exchange with 6.5 million users. The exchange also witnessed tightening of noose by law enforcement agencies. Nischal Shetty, CEO and Founder of WazirX, talks to Outlook Money about India’s crypto-ecosystem. Excerpts from the interview:

A Legacy Both Disruptive And Clean

Bitcoin is facing the red eye from the green brigade for it consumes 0.4 per cent of all energy in the world, which is higher than the consumption by a lot of countries individually

Of Blitz & Blues Of Bitcoins

Why would you spend money on something that fluctuates every day, lacks a sovereign guarantee and has no central bank support?

Building Wealth, Block By Block

As cryptocurrencies see soaring demand, there is increasing concern over data security. It is blockchain that secures the data and makes crypto trades safer

Deals Blip On Tax Radar

Buying or selling cryptos would not make you legally immune from taxes; merely holding them would, however, cost you nothing

A Watchdog For ‘Born Free’

The borderless currency calls for a comprehensive legislative framework to fill up the regulatory vacuum surrounding crypto trade

Decrypting Cryptocurrency

Decrypting Cryptocurrency

The Brain Behind The Crypto Bourse

The story of Unocoin, India’s first exchange for trading in cryptocurrency, and the way forward for the virtual currency

Gold Rush On D-Street

The primary market is about to see a scramble to raise funds through a flurry of public issues form companies across sectors

A Cover To Hedge Against Professional Hazards

An indemnity policy takes care of legal liabilities arising as a result of a loss to a third party due to negligence in professional services

A Cap For Capital Savings

Changes in taxation and labour laws set an upper circuit for investments under various tax-saving instruments for retirement

Striking A Fine Balance

Early investments, faith in a financial advisor, and a blueprint for the financial future could help you and your family’s growth

Big Bang In Small Stocks

Stock markets are upbeat with mid-cap and small-cap stocks on a rally that looks sustainable given the macroeconomic factors but, there are some ‘cats and dogs’ on the prowl

‘Index Is Just A Data Point’

‘Index Is Just A Data Point’

Watch Out! Big Guys At Play

Equity market sees foreign portfolio investors turning net buyers as corporates put up good earnings show and economy rebounds, but retail investors must factor in the uncertainty

A Rising Force On Icarus Dreams

Just when real estate appeared to be emerging from the chaos of the first wave, the second wave dealt a crippling blow that will need urgent policy interventions

Yellow Metal Back In Black

Gold rebounds from lows, catches up with the global economic recovery trends, and vows to keep the rally unhindered

The Hidden Treasure In Hobbies

Ephemera, or small-time collectibles, are not just objects of awe. These can fetch a fortune. It’s hard to set a price for a collection built over the years with passion. The market is unorganised where the value is fixed between the buyer and the seller. But, no matter what you collect, it has a value in the market.

In Green We Trust

As environment, social and governance become inextricable parts of the business model, ESG Funds make big strides on India’s financial turf

Funny Money, Honey

We tend to treat money depending on how we got it, or want to use it and so on. But there is no reason why we should do so, that too, often causing losses

Tap To Tweak Your Budget

New normal has made money management all the more important to every one and budgeting apps have turned handy in tracking income and expenses



Talk Back

Talk Back

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Newlyweds save more than half of their budget for the Covid restrictions. Some of them plan investments, some draw up travel plans, while some couples stand by those in need

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