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From The Street To The Screen

Post the pandemic, many new digital initiatives have emerged, while existing processes have been optimised for investors of mutual funds and stocks. A look at how digitalisation has made a difference to the lives of investors in 2021

Digital Business IPOs: Opportunity Or Bottomless Pit?

The next 10 years may well be about companies that are trying to digitise businesses but fast growth is accompanied by overvaluation and losses

Bitcoin Flirts With Stability

Year 2021 was marked with cryptos making headlines for spikes and crashes, but the bellwether crypto’s volatility may be cooling

Leading From The Front

While the banking industry was already well ahead of other sectors in terms of digitalisation, the pandemic gave it a renewed push

Insurance Dons A Digital Cover

Insurers of all vintages have adopted technology to innovate in products and services

Bricks To Bytes

The real estate industry’s tentative steps towards digitalisation, mostly in the customer experience and documentation segments, show early signs of success

Taxation Takes Multiple Digital Strides In India

Tax authorities have shifted their focus from simply processing taxpayers’ data to proactively tapping sources of income and making the tax processes simpler

Our Digital Selves

Our Digital Selves

Patience Is The Key To Successful Equity Investing

Timely action of switching the portfolio predominantly to debt investments during the Covid-led market crash and then back to equities meant downside was protected and the rebound was utilised

Gold Faces Stiff Challenge

In India, high prices and strict transaction rules are encouraging illegal entry of gold, while alternate investment options and an overall change in behaviour of urban consumers is reducing its attraction as an investment

The World Is Your Oyster

Higher returns and more ways to invest abroad is attracting Indians. Here’s how to go about investing in foreign equity markets

The Nuances Of Floating Rate Debt Funds

Interest rates are set to rise and bond investors can use floating rate debt funds to benefit from the rise as well as to insulate their debt portfolio returns



Talk Back

Talk Back

Home Buyers’ Guide: Greater Noida

Home Buyers’ Guide: Greater Noida

Have A Safe Journey!

If you are planning a trip abroad, remember to pack in an optimum travel insurance policy that covers all possible risks, including medical and other emergencies

Lowest Loan, Highest FD Rates

A look at where you will pay the lowest EMIs for home, car and personal loans, and get the most out of fixed deposits in these times

Two-Tier Benchmarking

The capital markets regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi), has introduced a two-tiered structure for benchmarking of some categories of mutual fund schemes

Get Better Equity Allocation With Balanced Advantage Funds

Within the balanced advantage fund universe, conservatively managed funds work well for a wide spectrum of investors

Are Low Interest Income Products Challenging Your Wallet?

Many investors tend to opt for traditional fixed-return investments even for goals with a horizon of 10-15 years or higher. For all such goals, consider allocating a portion of your money to Balanced Advantage Fund.

The Goal Most Indians Ignore

Due to improper planning, retirement corpus suffers, eventually leading to downgrading to one’s lifestyle post-retirement.

Technology And Insurance: The Future Ahead

With the ongoing digital revolution, even the insurance industry is getting digitalised. Focusing on some specific areas can help the industry flourish more.

Work Towards Your Financial Goals

Work Towards Your Financial Goals

Who Accepts Bitcoins? And How?

Who Accepts Bitcoins? And How?

Spend On Basic Requirements

Actor Vicky Kaushal talks about how he doesn’t believe in over-spending

No One Perfect Plan

A good retirement plan covers all the issues that might be considered significant for the individual concerned, and not everyone

Direct Plans Are For Savvy Investors

Direct Plans Are For Savvy Investors

Direct Equity For Beginners

Take a planned approach if investing directly in stocks