On-Demand Platforms Reshaping The Future Of Customer Service

The on-demand apps work as a mediator when it comes to connecting the customer and business

On-Demand Platforms Reshaping The Future Of Customer Service
On-Demand Platforms
Imran Ladiwala - 27 March 2021

Convenience is the key to impeccable customer service. Customers value convenience and put in their trust to become brand advocates. To make a customer's life easier, companies are coming up with products and ideas that transform the way they do business. This has led to a tremendous rise of on-demand platforms that are gradually taking over conventional business models.

The on-demand platforms serve people with what they want, when, and where they want. This has created a paradigm shift in accessing the services and serving people. Started from America, the trend of using on-demand platforms has grown exponentially all across the globe. Startups and established business houses are focusing on developing digital marketplaces to give the customers access to on-demand services and products. According to a recent report, the market of on-demand apps is projected to touch $335 billion by 2025.

The on-demand apps work as a mediator when it comes to connecting the customer and business. However, the key to attract customers is the extent of convenience the business offers. Beginning from the transportation industry to slowly expanding to other sectors, on-demand platforms are becoming ideal for restaurants, media professionals, healthcare, OTT, hospitality. The high growth rate of this trend is testimony to the fact that it is booming and becoming the future of the economy.

The extensive use of digital marketplaces by Amazon, Airbnb, Uber also influences the traditional market players to transform their conventional business models. The on-demand platforms benefit the companies in two ways – customer acquisition and retention and digital transformation of offline business models. Companies adopting such platforms are leveraging on scalability through extensive customer connections.

Considering the core of on-demand platforms and businesses, offering customer convenience is the new customer experience. In today’s date, customer convenience is considered a critical factor in determining the business’s success. On-demand platforms transform the conventional business models into proactive services providers. They are aimed at responding to the customers’ demand promptly and delivering the product or service at their doorstep while taking the minimum time. For instance, new-age food aggregators feature a vast array of options from the menu to the restaurant, area to the time taken in delivery. Working with speed and accuracy, customers through on-demand platforms are reached in real-time. This focuses on delivering an enriched customer experience by helping the companies leverage customer engagement and respond to their demand in the quickest way possible.

Apart from offering customer convenience, on-demand platforms have opened up job and business opportunities across sectors. As these platforms make a reliable source of income for professionals, the number of qualified people is increasing to offer their services and skills on the platform. Hence, there is huge traction from qualified professionals who are looking to join the workforce and establish a stable source of income.

On the other hand, on-demand platforms have revolutionized almost every sector, and recruitment is no more left behind. On-demand platforms leveraging artificial intelligence help qualified professionals find the relevant customer or client online. Consequently, it assists the clients in finding the right talent for their job and professionals in finding the client matching their skillset. Furthermore, it helps in generating employment even during market uncertainties that is crucial in driving the economy.

Witnessing the potential of on-demand platforms, investors are also pouring their capital into startups that are coming up with disruptive on-demand business models. This facilitates the growth of potential startups to simplify the market processes with their innovative on-demand solutions while attracting a bunch of venture capitalists for better business acceleration.


Considering the benefits that on-demand platforms provide to improve customer service, the trend is going to stay for long. With the integration of new-age technologies, the platforms are going to provide a faster and convenient solution to customers while enhancing their overall experience. Hence, it can easily be predicted that on-demand platforms are going to reshape the future of customer service.

The author is the CEO and Co-Founder, KIWI

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