The Boom of Pharmacovigilance as a Career Option

It enables quality system implementation in all pharmaceutical companies that manufactures bulk of medicines

The Boom of Pharmacovigilance as a Career Option
The Boom of Pharmacovigilance as a Career Option
Hardeep Puri - 17 August 2021

Pharmacovigilance is the sub-field of Pharmacy which includes research, detection, assessment, analysing of the drugs. This is the most upcoming and popular course in medical sciences. The role of a Pharmacovigilant is to ensure the safety of the drug when administered. It is the study and prevention of adverse effects caused by pharmaceutical products. Pharmacovigilance is the reason that many drugs are withdrawn from or not even brought into the market.

The government is coming out in actively supporting courses in pharmacovigilance as their primary goal is to ensure students of medicine are aware of the adverse effects of certain drugs. Pharmacovigilance makes it possible to implement quality systems in all pharmaceutical companies that manufacture large amounts of medicines. This requires one to have an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. A pharmacovigilant is tasked with the identification of risks associated with pharmaceutical products and the second is to lessen the harm caused due to any drugs. Pharmacovigilance is growing exponentially because adverse reactions need to be checked in different drugs.

Students who are willing to pursue pharmacovigilance as a career can opt for either certificate or diploma courses and training in it is provided by expert international and national faculty with years of experience in practical and theoretical aspects.

To be eligible for the course, one can have academic pursuits in either- graduate in Pharmacy and Biosciences, medical professionals like doctors or junior professional in the pharmaceutical industry, IT industry, and clinical research organisations.

The Government of India is also offering jobs for Pharmacovigilant in the Rural health sector of various State governments, government organisations like Hospitals, laboratories, and other related institutions along with large scale scope in teaching.

There is no shortage of jobs in this field as high-quality pharmacovigilance practice makes for a good business proposition. Students willing to make a career out of it can get jobs in various pharmaceutical companies, medical organisations and earn attractive packages as their role is very crucial for drug approvals and launch in the market. With new drugs being launched from time to time, a career in pharmacovigilance has good prospects and also, it’s a booming career choice in India as well.

The scope for these upcoming courses is tremendous as there is huge market and growth potential for those who opt for these specialised courses.

The author is Founder, Learntoupgrade

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