Bridging Health Insurance Protection Gap in India

Sana.Insure, a customised employee health portal provides details about the employee’s health policy, E-Health card

Bridging Health Insurance Protection Gap in India
Bridging Health Insurance Protection Gap in India
Indrishka Bose - 22 June 2021

Sana Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd, while acknowledging the lack of sufficient insurance penetration in India introduced Sana.Insure, powered by SanaBase, to digitally bridge the health insurance protection gap in India.

According to Srinath Mukherjee, Co-Founder & Director, Sana Insurance Brokers, health insurance penetration in India has been very low due to issues of trust, complexity, and reach.

In an attempt to set new benchmarks of quality in distribution and servicing, it has focused on delivering health insurance solutions via both online and offline platforms. It has online API integration for health insurance products with 16 health and general insurers, and offline partnerships with 11 other insurers. To increase its reach to the residents of tier two and three cities with higher usage of smartphones, the portal has added a unique ‘Hinglish’ interface.

The customised employee health portal seamlessly provides all details about the employee’s health policy, E-Health card, and the employees can engage 24*7 with relationship managers at Sana.Insure on the Chatbot (via WhatsApp) to resolve queries immediately.

Several health insurance policyholders find themselves in a state of bewilderment and ignorance when it comes to their knowledge about a policy’s benefits and limits. SanaCheck, which is an automated free service Sana.Insure provides important alerts about their policies, as well as a summary and detailed analysis of the benefits and limits. Sana Check does color-coding of inferior, average, and superior policy features based on Sanaliser, which is a logic-based engine designed on the tool.

The portal is further supported by an intelligent chatbot SanaBot, which handles natural language queries as well as transactions. This is powered by a unique combination of Google, Dialogflow, and the fuzzball.js library. While responding to queries, it searches through a large knowledge base of 1000+ FAQs and answers that have been prepared by Sana.Insure’s experts. SanaBot offers an informative and engaging purchase experience and is accessible via WhatsApp for the convenience of end-users and customers.

Sana.Insure assists in hassle-free and quick claims management, by liaising with insurers and third-party administrators (TPAs) on behalf of customers and corporate partners.

“We believe digital technologies can be used to effectively tackle these challenges. Sana.Insure will help empower buyers with exhaustive knowledge on all critical policy features, to enable more informed decision making. We are optimistic about our journey to simplify health insurance policies for our existing and future customers. Sana.Insure’s digital technologies will allow us to reach millions of uninsured households, and provide consistent, unbiased, and personalised care through their smartphones,” said Mukherjee.


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