Khanna Gems Revolutionizes Indian Market With Aura Scanning Centres Franchise Format

Khanna Gems Revolutionizes Indian Market With Aura Scanning Centres Franchise Format
30 May 2024

Khanna Gems, the world's biggest brand for astrological gemstones, is proud to announce a revolutionary franchise format for the Indian market: Aura Scanning Centres.

This innovative move represents a strategic horizontal integration of Khanna Gems' core business. The franchise format offers franchisees substantial profit margins and comprehensive brand support. Khanna Gems has established a dedicated fund to empower its franchises.

The decision to implement a franchise model for Aura Scanning Centres stems from Khanna Gems' vision. They recognize these centres as a powerful tool to generate significant demand for their primary product – gemstones.

Unparalleled Franchisee Support

Khanna Gems' commitment extends far beyond simply providing gemstones. Franchisees will gain access to the company's extensive network of qualified astrologers, tarot card readers, numerologists, and more. This invaluable resource pool ensures comprehensive support across all departments.

Accessible Franchise Opportunity

The franchise format boasts a remarkably low initial investment threshold – within 20 lacs – and a compact space requirement of just 100 square feet. This allows for remarkable flexibility in setting up your Aura Scanning Centre. The ideal locations include kiosks in high-footfall malls or small shops in prime city market areas.

Focus on Franchisee Success

The franchise model prioritizes the success of its franchisees. Khanna Gems does not seek to profit from the Aura scanning service itself. Instead, franchisees retain the majority of the revenue generated through this service, ensuring their financial well-being.

Join the Khanna Gems Family

Khanna Gems is revolutionizing the Indian market, and you can be a part of it. With Aura Scanning Centres franchise format, you gain access to a lucrative business opportunity backed by a world-renowned brand.

Speaking about the franchise format, Mr. Aaradhya Dev Khanna, CEO of Khanna Gems Group, expressed, "We consider our Aura Scanning Centre franchise partners as an integral part of the Khanna Gems family. We are committed to providing comprehensive support at every stage. This includes technical expertise, managerial resources, standard operating procedures, marketing assistance, and even financial aid. Our goal is to ensure our franchisees succeed in every possible way.


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