AssetPlus Revolutionizing Fintech Landscape For Mutual Fund Distributors

Aims to Expand to 50,000 Partners in the Next 5 Years

AssetPlus Revolutionizing Fintech Landscape For Mutual Fund Distributors
10 July 2024

AssetPlus enters its next growth phase. The company, one of India's leading fintech platforms for Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs), sets an ambitious target to reach 50,000 partners within 5 years.

At present, AssetPlus boasts over 10,000 partners and manages mutual fund assets worth close to ₹3,000 crore. The platform has a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) book of over ₹50 crore.

“We firmly believe that MFDs are the backbone of the mutual fund industry,” says Vishranth Suresh, Co-Founder and CEO of AssetPlus. “That’s why our platform is designed to empower them with the tools and support they need to thrive. Our unique, completely digital model, allows MFDs to focus on client relationships and wealth creation, while we handle the administrative burdens.”

The company is making significant strides in the wealth management industry by providing comprehensive technology and business development solutions for Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs).

This growth has been enabled by the support and guidance of industry leaders such as Bhupinder Singh, Founder of InCred, and Nithin Kamath, Founder of Zerodha & Rainmatter, who are among the company's esteemed shareholders. Their support has been crucial in transforming AssetPlus into a trusted platform now serving MFDs nationwide.

The platform aims to enhance digital brand presence and facilitate business growth online, ensuring that investment managers no longer need to coordinate with KRAs (KYC Registration Agencies), RTAs (Registrar and Transfer Agents), and AMCs (Asset Management Companies) or exchange platforms.

With a unique business model trusted by over 10,000 partners, AssetPlus offers its services free of charge to MFDs and their clients. The platform is India’s only one-stop solution integrating mutual funds and insurance in a single app.

The inception of AssetPlus was driven by two key beliefs—the potential of mutual funds as an investment product and the crucial role of MFDs in wealth creation through mutual funds.

While the popularity of direct plans led many peers to develop direct plan apps, AssetPlus remained committed to the importance of professional support from MFDs. The company firmly believes that MFDs are the backbone of the mutual fund industry, providing irreplaceable expertise and personalised service that helps clients achieve long-term financial goals.

AssetPlus aims to ensure that MFDs can focus on offering personalised, professional advice without the burden of operational and administrative tasks. The platform is designed to save costs and enhance efficiency, allowing distributors to scale their businesses seamlessly.

AssetPlus empowers MFDs with advanced technology and comprehensive support to optimise client investments. Amidst AI and digitisation trends, the platform provides cutting-edge tools and resources, offering all services free to advisors and clients.

The platform enhances efficiency, improves client interactions, and delivers personalised investment strategies. Its BizGuru service ensures continuous support, while extended operational hours, seven days a week, aid advisors with research and marketing materials.

The platform also supports brand building with exclusive training, and streamlines client onboarding through a digital KYC process in 180 seconds. It also manages KYC procedures via DigiKYC and facilitates seamless sub-broker management.

AssetPlus is always striving for more. The company is constantly innovating and adapting to meet the industry's evolving needs. With a vision focused on the future, AssetPlus is committed to providing its ever-growing partner base with the most advanced tools and resources.

MFDs are at the heart of everything at AssetPlus, and the company is dedicated to helping them grow and succeed. If you're an MFD looking to enhance your capabilities and support your clients, AssetPlus could be the perfect partner.


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