Whispers Of The Desert: Embracing Uae's Magnetic Pull

Whispers Of The Desert: Embracing Uae's Magnetic Pull
Lal Bhatia, PhD
25 July 2023

Sometimes, life's grandest chapters commence with a single decision. That was my experience when I chose to make the United Arab Emirates (UAE) my home. It was not only a decision, but a rewarding journey, an exhilarating adventure brimming with opportunities, culture, safety, and beauty. It was undoubtedly the best choice I've ever made, a testament that sometimes, home isn't where you're from, but where you decide to plant your roots.

The UAE, with its glittering skyline mirroring the Arabian Sea, has been my refuge, my playground, and my workspace for a significant period now. It's a bustling business haven that generously extends an inviting arm to entrepreneurs, making it an absolute pleasure to establish my business here. The government is your partner in your entrepreneurial endeavors, providing an impressively streamlined process and unprecedented support that defies expectations. The journey from an ambitious business idea to a thriving enterprise is a path well-trodden and paved with gold by those before us and smoothed further by the authorities for those to follow.

In this flourishing, business-friendly atmosphere, I've had the distinct privilege to join hands with esteemed members of the UAE royalty. Their indelible wisdom and influential connections help guide businesses and individuals as they navigate the complexities of the UAE's vibrant business landscape. This collaboration has been a lifeline, a lighthouse, guiding us amidst the whirlpool of entrepreneurial challenges.

These esteemed individuals do more than just preside. They actively assist aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, empowering them to unlock the intricacies of the UAE's dynamic business landscape. Their authoritative expertise and noble connections open doors you didn't even know were there. The support extends from obtaining financing, procuring land grants, to even crafting strategies to unlock the full potential of your ventures. It is akin to a hidden desert oasis, providing life-sustaining resources when you need them the most.

But life in the UAE is not solely about business. It is about the harmonious convergence of safety, cleanliness, world-class infrastructure, and cultural diversity. Dubai, for instance, is more than just a modern metropolis. It's a city that boasts a notably low crime rate, owing to its strict laws and effective enforcement, ensuring a secure environment for individuals and families alike. It's a city that prides itself on its cleanliness and awe-inspiring architecture. As an entrepreneur, as a resident, and as a family man, I can wholeheartedly attest to the unrivaled comfort of life here.

From its sand dunes to its skyscrapers, the UAE embraces you. It instills a sense of belonging, a sense of home, and offers the tools to forge an empowering business narrative. With open arms and an open heart, it welcomes everyone, promising the start of a fulfilling life chapter and a thriving entrepreneurial journey.

In retrospect, making the UAE my home was more than just a decision - it was a transformation, a journey that has fostered growth, success, and fulfillment. It was, and remains, the best decision I ever made. Because it's here, amidst the golden sands and under the azure skies, I found my home, my business haven, my paradise.

Remember, the UAE is not just a destination; it's a journey of discovery, growth, and unprecedented success. I welcome you to embark on this voyage, make the UAE your home, and let its golden sands cradle your dreams. Experience its magnetic allure and immerse yourself in its rich cultural tapestry. You never know; you might find yourself writing a similar love letter to the UAE, just as I have.

Dr. Lal Bhatia: a global thought leader, savvy investor, innovator, author, poet, and philosopher with over 35 years of transformative impact. As senior advisor to His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Rashed Bin Humaid Al Nuaumi, he influences development, finance, real estate, and films through Hilshaw Group and David & Goliath Films. Chairing the think tank UAE STRAT: 2071, he offers thought-provoking solutions to humanity's challenges, constantly pushing boundaries and raising standards. Dr. Bhatia is a beacon of optimism, inspiring positive change worldwide.


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