IL Argricorp Initiate's Culinary Revolution: Acquires 15% Stake In David And Goliath SRL

IL Argricorp Initiate's Culinary Revolution: Acquires 15% Stake In David And Goliath SRL
IL Argricorp Initiate's Culinary Revolution
18 August 2023

IL Argricorp, the visionary brainchild of Sisley's own Ignacio Lena, renowned for investing in boutique agriculture businesses and offering unparalleled government and industry expertise, has made a substantial move by securing a groundbreaking 15% stake in the esteemed David and Goliath SRL. This audacious move not only promises to redefine the essence of wine and olive production but also heralds an unprecedented era of vegan and non-vegan gastronomic pleasure, available exclusively by invitation.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) inked on AUGUST 16, 2023 marks the inception of a partnership that marries IL Argricorp's visionary approach to investment with the rich legacy of David and Goliath SRL. A staggering commitment of €50 million showcases Lena's unwavering belief in the inherent excellence of this boutique wines and olives manufacturing and distribution firm.

Founder Lal Bhatia spoke with fervor about this momentous alliance, stating, "IL Argricorp's entry into David and Goliath SRL is akin to uncorking a rare vintage – a move that promises to awaken the soul of our vegan and non-vegan wines and olives, captivating palates and sparking revolutions. This partnership is the epitome of reinventing exclusivity."

IL Argricorp, led by the enigmatic Ignacio Lena, proclaimed, "David and Goliath SRL's legacy in crafting red, white, and rose wines, alongside olives catering to both vegan and non-vegan preferences, is a revelation. As a local of Scicily, this acquisition resonates deeply, underlining my commitment to elevate our heritage to a global platform."

Interestingly, Lena was initially skeptical about the invitation-only product offering by David and Goliath SRL. At first glance, he thought it would not work. However, upon realizing the grand success and witnessing a waitlist for people requesting invitations, coupled with the excellence in product quality, Lena gave "Bhatia an offer he could not refuse," committing €50 million to solidify the partnership.

This alliance stands as a harbinger of change beyond the realm of fine foods. It signifies an extraordinary shift in taste and indulgence dynamics. Under IL Argricorp's strategic stewardship, David and Goliath SRL's iconic offerings, accessible exclusively to the discerning few, are poised to transform into a sensory journey that bridges tradition and modernity.

As aficionados and enthusiasts brace for the imminent impact of this dynamic partnership, David and Goliath SRL and IL Argricorp are poised to unveil a narrative of culinary evolution that will redefine the very boundaries of luxury and delight.

About David and Goliath SRL

David and Goliath SRL stands as a beacon of artisanal excellence, renowned for producing exclusive vegan and non-vegan red, white, and rose wines, alongside both vegan and non-vegan olives. The brand's ethos of invitation-only exclusivity elevates the discerning connoisseur's experience.

About IL Argricorp

IL Argricorp, spearheaded by Ignacio Lena, epitomizes visionary entrepreneurship rooted in Scicilian heritage. The venture invests in boutique agriculture businesses, offering a unique blend of government and industry expertise. Its strategic pursuits and transformative investments position it as a catalyst for local and global economic shifts.


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