Moving One Step Forward: Suncrypto Launched The iOS App Version

Moving One Step Forward: Suncrypto Launched The iOS App Version
Moving One Step Forward: Suncrypto Launched The iOS App Version
18 August 2022

Suncrypto is a crypto exchange that provides its services to crypto users by allowing them to buy sell and trade on the platform. Suncrypto is one of the top well-known exchange platforms all across India. The Suncrypto was founded by Mr. Umesh Kumar along with the Co-founder and CTO Mr. Pramod Yadav on 1 September 2021 and in this short span, they have gained huge success in it. More than 500k users are connected with Suncrypto Exchange and trust this India’s leading cryptocurrency brand with their whole hearts.

The founder of Suncrypto Mr. Pramod believes that “Suncrypto is all about its users and all the choices, and decisions are made only for the consideration of the users”. Even in this sudden crypto fall Suncrypto is standing strong with its users and focusing on providing the best services.

Suncrypto only offered top-notch financial services in the field of cryptocurrency for almost a year now and now they have added one more step to it by launching the Suncrypto iOS version for iOS users on 15 June 2022. Whereas the Android version was already available from 28 June 2021 and was in service for the users. With the launch of the iOS Suncrypto version much better experience is now available for the user. There’s no difference between these two versions of the Suncrypto on the app store and play store but with it, the iOS users will be able to join the Suncrypto community and trade with the others.

What makes the Suncrypto favorite of beginners?

On being asked why a user will be interested in the Suncrypto platform the answer given by the founders was this “We are not focused on providing a platform for trade but a community of people with the same mindset and goal. We are connecting people together on a place along with providing the best features” like: -

Simple to use: Sun Crypto's user-friendly interface makes it simple and suitable for beginners and experts.

Processing in a flash: Easily buy, sell, exchange, and transfer crypto tokens.

Keep track: - Easily keep track of the ups and downs in cryptocurrency trading by getting price updates.

Crypto portfolio tracker: - Using our portfolio tracker, you can easily maintain eyes on your cryptocurrency assets.

Offers the best rates: - Invest in cryptocurrencies at the most competitive prices currently on the market. You may easily invest in or exchange your preferred currencies at the best prices.

Obtain a Variety of Payment Options: - We offer a number of payment methods to our customers, including NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and UPI. You can withdraw and deposit money with any of these options.

Trading with high liquidity: - Suncrypto provides high liquidity for the users where you will get the instant buy and sell features without any delay.

Customer support: - The support is available to guide and help our users during office hours and tries to get back to every single user on time said the co-founder Mr. Pramod.

Services provided by Suncrypto's cryptocurrency exchange
➢ Through the Suncrypto exchange, users can exchange cryptocurrency. Post your buy and sell trades on the platform.
➢ Interact with the people like you: - You can interact with crypto buyers or sellers through our social media and share your information and thoughts.
➢ Purchase over 150 cryptocurrencies: - Utilize Suncrypto to quickly buy and sell more than 150 cryptocurrencies at the best prices.
➢ Stay updated with the market: - On the news sections of the Suncrypto academy you will be updated with every single news related to the crypto market, so stay updated with that.
➢ Learn cryptocurrency: - The newest feature which is in the developing phase with Suncrypto is the Learn mode where you will be able to learn about the cryptocurrency from beginner to advance levels with the help of complete modules and specialized designed quizzes for you.

After the TDS regulations, the KYC has become mandatory for all crypto users, so complete your KYC with Suncrypto now.


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