I-T Department Initiates New Tax Filing Portal

Both app and website comes with interactive assistance, pre-filled solutions and chatbots on a single dashboard

I-T Department Initiates New Tax Filing Portal
I-T Department Initiates New Tax Filing Portal
Titlee Sen - 24 May 2021

On June 7, the Income Tax (I-T) department will inaugurate a new income tax e-filing platform — www.incometax.gov.in — that promises be friendly to taxpayers.

Officials reported on May 20 that the I-T department would shortly launch an online platform to file routine ITR that makes the process simpler and more convenient for taxpayers.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes is encouraging taxpayers to cooperate during the transition phase, noting that no enforcement deadlines would be set during this period to avoid causing taxpayers any inconvenience.

“The current department site — www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in — will be unavailable for a brief period of six days, from June 1 to June 6 — in preparation for this launch and for migration activities,” the order said.

According to the statement, from June 10 onwards, all officers will be instructed to correct any hearings or compliances just so that taxpayers get time to adapt to the new framework. All work planned between the taxpayer and the department's assessing officer, would have to be postponed or adjourned in the interim.

Many of the important features of this portal's desktop version will also be available on a smartphone app. A free ITR planning software is also made available both online and offline, with interactive questions to assist filing of ITRs, even for those taxpayers who have no prior experience. There will also be pre-filled solutions.

All communications and uploads, as well as pending activities, will be presented on a single dashboard for the taxpayer’s review. To answer any of their questions, a contact centre, tutorials, recordings, a chatbot and even live agents will also be made available.

The new ITR website will also have a new online payment system with various options such as net banking, UPI, credit card and RTGS or NEFT from any bank account, to ease the payment process. Not only can taxpayers file ITRs under citizen or other groups, they can also file appeals with IRS, requesting refunds and other services.

Not only can the I-T department use this website to file tax returns, it can also answer questions and issue orders on taxes, appeals, exemptions and fines.


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